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    Verse 1]
    Finally from every dimension with few restrictions
    From up north to the youth detentions, I lay it down
    Clear enough for who choose to listen, we all thorough
    Infected by cruel intentions, but who the wise
    The lies got two disguises, the surprise
    Is to know when to utilize it, stay alert
    The street talkers say the worst
    So overall you gotta watch where you play in the dirt, it's just the rules
    A killer could be just as cool, it's no image
    Camouflaged right next to the fools, so who's who
    It's the game that chooses you
    A lot of shit is more easier to say than do, show and prove
    Maintainers never blow they cool
    Understand, every man should really know these jewels, I'm feeling live
    Slim with a gorilla vibe
    Away from haters 'cause I know what they feel inside, but never worry

    Blowing cess in the dark (What your day about?)
    Playing chess in the park (What your day about?)
    Taking trips every week (What your day about?)
    Spending chips on them freaks (What your day about?)
    Getting money all night (What your day about?)
    Betting houses on the dice (What your day about?)
    Got your vest and your heat (What your day about?)
    Get respect in the street (What your day about?)

    [Verse 2]
    Young in the mind with a old spirit
    Hot blood with a heart that's so frigid, melodic music
    Expressed through slow lyrics
    I only spit it for the niggas that hold digits, and don't front

    I know about the coke blunts and Remy nights
    Got a cousin up in Elmira sending me kites
    I'm felt, the ice in my ears don't melt
    I could drink a whole bottle for delf and won't belch
    Believe it's the same me ducking the D's
    Eighty-six with the do-rag, cuff in the Lee's
    Appraise this, biological' I'm ageless
    Psychologically, I show amazement
    Salute, been blessed with the [...?] of a coupe
    Hoping the real just respect what I'm trying to produce
    Quiet Money is the empire, bigger than rapping
    Fuck niggas 'cause I been fired, that's what's that


    [Verse 3]
    From the streets to the track board
    Bubble up, from the crack to the rap laws, visualize
    We all uncivilized, the trained behavior
    As kids taught to memorize, copy and mimic
    I travel through the blocks that's dimmest
    Fly nigga, use my teeth to pop the top off a Guinness, never hate
    With the hunger of a heavyweight
    I stay balanced in the mind when I meditate, and blow trees
    Every verse is like a o-z
    I know niggas in the 'hood like they know me, so no beefing
    It's nothing that could stop me from eating, too in tune
    Taught to heal through the doctrines and teaching, redeemed
    For women I'm the man of their dreams, stand alone
    When I zone nothing coming between, let's get money
    The trick is to flip money, double up
    Dirty or legit money, it's all the same

    [Chorus 2X

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