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    [Featuring Jermaine Dupri (JD)]
    SoSoDef (what?)
    Huh, yeah I don't dance ... I mash
    (It's like dis doe)
    AZ, come on
    [AZ the Visualiza]
    It's a new one, time for a Range, baby blue one
    The crew won, out of formilli, feel I'm due one
    Focus right, one hit -- blow me overnight
    Holy mics, bein guarded -- by Jehovah's light
    Jewels drapin, in a Coupe slidin cruise tape in
    for my troops I was sworn in like a true Mason (yeah)
    Tables turned, left the youth engaged and learned
    Thoughts raised concern just like blunts made to burn
    I play this life, homey besides on the status
    either play it right, or then vibe until the madness
    Monopolize, position wise watch the rise
    It's prophesized, see the two and drop fives
    Chorus: Jermaine Dupri
    Erybody hands up, AZ and JD
    Whole club get it krunk, the drinks is on me
    I keep the dancefloor lit, ladies shakin they hips
    spendin all the chips makin nuttin but hits, what?
    (A, Z, play my song
    Rock me all night long, rock me all night long)
    [AZ the Visualiza]
    Salute me, rock silk and linen over Gucci's
    Iced out, platinum Roley -- with the rubies
    Baby uzis, Perrier make me woozy
    Sweet jacuzzi, it's live my life like a movie
    Connect doe, pimped off the Henny X-O
    Sex slow, *fuck* on Chanel velcro (ha ha ha)
    Visualize that, bought a sailboat, try and buy that
    Besides that, hustle forever -- never sidetracked
    Sightseein, pretty ladies in the white B.M.
    Out of state plates invitin me in
    Got my mind on this paper chase -- sorta strung
    No longer gotta scrape the plate -- it's more to come
    Respect how these streets made me -- why play me
    I'm half crazy, half of ? half Navy
    So who it be? You or

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