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    At the right major 24, I'd done seen it all done it all
    Some dreams stay fresh and some are spoiled
    Dealing with time went to spring, summer, fall
    Its crazy changes, is this that made me famous?
    I come a long way from Timbs, minimum wages
    Stocking caps summer jobs pockets flat
    It's funny how my childhood idols now be coping cracks
    Ain't knocking at them, fortunately life is too short to see
    It's only right we move accordingly at every second
    I use to carry heavy weapons, previously cocked
    Tucked in my shirt for every session, but hold up
    The two-six beer made me grow up
    Came home to the damn same dream with no luck
    And half the clique strong, the other half moved on
    Some with new lives and new wives niggaz live long
    The foulest thing about time is still ticks when you gone

    For those who lived the way I lived we came from a long way
    From wiping coal from our eye lids from raps hottest
    Smoking lye to the track guidance, 'member back then
    Before mack 10's expensive bottles, had a sick mind
    Niggaz taught me how to get mine
    We often sit courts they get tossed that get spit lines
    To all niggaz that the Lord seemed to legit time
    Why we plan to live for-ev he had a different design
    Is it safe to say we all parish on the sacred day
    With my luck soon as I reach the gate that made me pay... pray
    Minutes go by indo-go-high the specialist decked out dark specks finessing
    Used to play catch a kiss same girls back then now leave us messages
    A whole lot, travel to my old spot where we sold rock although it's trifle
    Ain't nothing changed as like time is cycle

    Yo, wake up to the world stay in charge of your dream
    Keep your vision focus get wise and large your cream
    Marketing scheme so many in the dark it's un-seemed
    Caught up between perhaps rap was a fortunate thing
    Forced to be king from hustlin to supporting them fiends
    Busting guns, I had no remorse as a team
    Rocking bird stones my first get big nursed a dome
    Its hurts to zone now I realize I'm on the surface alone
    Time ticks devilish mind design quits leave you line quick
    And cause you to die behind shit, mathematics
    Master 120 I'm Aziatic, I'm amazed with magic
    Cousins with loosen that made me savage
    Life changed once you established with the right game
    Love the night vane found the new way to fight pain
    Clocks never stop its all the way to the top
    Trying to freeze time that's why I iced the face on my watch

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