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    [Note: same beat as Prodigy (Mobb Deep) "Keep It Thoro"]

    [Intro: AZ]
    Yea, niggaz actin' like the rap game is over
    Like we in New York, it's East coast baby

    [Verse One: AZ]
    I get doe, head, whole lot of hate to cop my LP
    It's like them hoes can't wait
    Stimulate the minds of them killers upstate
    And these snakes among deceive I diss was dead weight
    Use to hit niggaz with work and the crate
    Guerrilla rap will still smack the smirk of your face
    Was jail baited bounced from strip bitches got raped
    Now the dick game is so insane I can't fake
    The stakes when you fuckin' with chicks chasin' them brakes
    So if they ain't holdin' bank then they can't get the H.N.I.C. and shit
    A hustler's rap artist, pardon, AZ stats regardless
    Heartless, haunt niggaz like the anti Christ
    My advice 'fore you lose your life, is think twice
    Before you creep on it, put beef on it, sleep on it
    The weak get left in the streets with no garments
    Ice grillin' niggaz, to me it's the most harmless
    Don't embarrass yourself, you way out of foreign grounds
    When niggaz bullshit with them pounds
    I don't fuck around dunny, I lay it down, keep it thoro..

    [Outro: AZ]
    Yea, certified now, Quiet Money mafia
    Brooklyn, Final Call, ya heard

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