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    [Intro: AZ]
    Yes, yes, ladies and gentlemen
    I'll like to thank you for your support, love
    Not only to me, but to the whole hip-hop industry itself
    We as a whole, we've been weathering in the Storm
    From the start, 30-plus years ago to now
    But uh, like all weapons of hate, we perceiver
    So allow me to speak not only for me
    But on behalf of the hip-hop coalition
    Every hood, every ghetto across the United States of America

    [Verse 1: AZ]
    Yea, as a youngin' I was sittin'- spittin' sponge-in'
    Just learnin' the life, and Christ second comin'
    Well mannered and nice, got advice from women
    But when the money get tight, the stomach start grumblin'
    It was some of then, wasn't all Hammers then
    Went in the Benz, it was kingpin and bubblin'
    We started huddlin', puttin' in, and jugglin'
    A shear later we straight, no more strugglin'
    But that was only the start
    The love between homey started fallin' apart
    I guess anything's addictive when it's callin' your heart
    Death and incarceration had us all in the dark
    We was done, some'll say "we had a beautiful run"
    And the beauty is skin deep was beneath the slums
    I was numb, that was like speakin' in tongues
    So relax, I adapt within a week I was sprung
    Spoke facts on the track, it's like squeezin' a gun
    No more crack, all the boys on my back hearin' "RUN"
    Yea, I changed & came, all them years, on the stairs G Rap & Kane
    I felt pain, them beamers still lurkin' my brain
    But the ways is the most high is to preserve to explain
    It was the fame, that focused me, perfected my game
    And like that, there's so many others that this rap will remain
    And in exchange, we give fans the force of the reign
    To feed, nurture, and breed, and be the voice of the slain
    It's a shame, but that real shit come wit the life
    And in order to obtain you gotta sacrifice
    It's like cuttin' your bitch shorter, don't pass on fights
    I'ma tourer, so you know all my facts is right
    Plus my Aurora is like used spoilers on the porch at night
    So be polite, just go for them critics that write
    This is Rap, we from the hood, just tryin' to get a slice
    Some'll bite, but the most just coast wit ice
    And rock a little chain, get a little brain

    [Immediately changes to AZ talking]

    Ha ha-ha ha, yea, hey, it is what it is
    You know Rap has no rules
    See my enlightener he-he once told me once said
    "If there is no devilish-men, then there won't be Godliness"
    "One can't exist without the other"
    Knaw'mean?, it's like a Doctor is only needed to heal
    And he caters to the sick, so the sick must exist, ya heard?
    A Minister - he only gives sermon to - uh you know -
    Those seeking for forgiveness - so them sinners must exist
    You know? it's simple simplistic, ha ha-ha ha
    It's AZ the GOD - Constantine - Quiet Money for life
    This is What I Do, I'm here

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