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    [AZ Talking]
    I'm about to get on some Norman Bates shit, and go psycho
    Shit, get the right speakers
    Let me start a little early, that's what I do

    You know my persona, let me kindly remind ya
    The Gucci, Garbana, the New-E, the Low, Evisus, designers
    How I post up, probably amongst pirahnas
    I'm the urban version of that turban-waving Osama
    Last of a genre, there's nothing to mash your mind to
    Y'all trash, I'll leave half of y'all niggaz in trauma
    So I laugh, cause I'd rather clam in vagina
    Splash a few grands on some high sand in the sauna
    Usually ponder when I puff my little ganjas
    Somber, feeling like Don Cheetah in the Hotel Riwanda
    You know karma, increase when you cease your drama
    It's deep, but you sleep when you feel there's peace upon you
    Keep that armor, I formerly greet as a charmer
    But beneath is more than mystique, I'm a monster
    Came to conquer, no games I came to regain my honor
    No lames, it's the same as the brain can conjure
    Why launder, when I can outsell the bomber
    Miskel, tell Mel, he'll be out of jail by Kwanza
    From Tompkins to Guanas, to the hills in Brownsville, I sponsors
    Nothing to cock back the Black P-80 Launcher
    Any hate can haunt you, I'm straight from the L.I. gates of Yonkers
    Down to the Southern states to Great Lakes in Tonker
    Young, majestic, the beams from the Sun reflect it
    Numb before Bush Senior's son was elected
    Eclectic, world respected, like Brother Ube from Dure
    But hey, what you expected, perfected, connected
    So exit, or have it all in here
    We can war when we're, nigga I'm so sincere

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