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    Yea, back off vacation
    Time to send y'all pros on a permanent vacation though

    Check my track record, respect is my black Lexus
    Expect me to act reckless, I'm rich and I'm ass naked
    A mink with half leopard, my drinks and my glass separate
    I roll and I'm half breathless, just stroll through my last message
    Like...niggaz can't be serious
    Never that leery shit, shit I'm mysterious
    Move mystique on 'em, the doses increase on 'em
    You ghost if you sleep on 'em
    No joke when my peeps stormin
    The cars they come in heavy
    The God of the Serengeti
    I charge with a large machete
    And carve through ya starvin belly shoulda known I was serious
    Still the prettiest, point blank period

    Feedin while alligators on swamps, got miles and acres
    No comp, whether it's freestyle, or written down on papers
    So far, I've been down from maybe, a decade, I'm still the raw-rest
    Plus, suede, and ferragamo's, cause the made jury's on us
    Garments fly apartments, they buggin say Nastradamus
    Just wasn't one of my hardest, sold over a mil regardless
    Chill with them hard looks, I spark clips
    If you blood, or Muslim, 5 percent God, or crip

    Yea, ok

    Guns in the glove compartment
    I'm dapper but love the nonsense
    The rappin up of my conscience
    I'm strapped when I come to conscious
    Attack with a hundred monsters
    They black and they runnin bonkers
    We back and we come to conquer

    To master the fucking genre
    Like, niggaz can't be serious
    Still the grittiest, point blank period
    Flow tight as a midget's closet
    As tight as a prison block is
    No sight of po-lice, when we riot
    Fightin the system, fired
    Be quiet, when I'm approaching
    Get tired, jump out the roses
    Sip Meyer's Rum out in open
    I'm smokin that hydro, choking
    I'm scopin, my eyes are on you
    Don't reach cause I tried to warn you
    No street corner Nas won't come to
    To bomb you, 4 5's will harm you
    Eccentric, I'm live but calm too
    Cordial, but crazy cautious
    Roll through with some crazy gorgeous
    Hoes, bodies like lady horses
    Like, my whole stampede serious
    Ya'll niggaz is funny like Eddie Murphy's "Delirious"

    Sped up or real slow, never neo-soul
    Hip-Hop only rockin with homey, we Co-D's
    Nas not no Hives, or Coldplay
    If there was an old days, we pioneered it
    Anthony Cruz, Nasir Jones shit, very serious

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