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    feat. Nas

    [N] Aiyyo God, yo meet me at the Denice Williams concert tonight man
    [N] E'rybody there, Stacy Lattisaw, Teena Marie, e'rybody man
    [A] Yeah yeah no doubt
    [N] I'ma bring one of my baddest stallions man
    [A] {*laughing*}
    [N] You do the same aight?
    [A] You know how we play baby, listen
    [A] I'm at a car wash right now
    [A] but I'ma hit you as soon as I'm right over there
    [A] Right in front right? (yeah) Okay, aight gotchu

    [N] Son who laced you with the ill haircut?
    [A] Lenny, he blessed me with the sharp blade, that nigga's paid
    [N] He make a pretty penny
    [A] Fo'sho, you hurt 'em with the new Prada's (true)
    [A] Check mines they royal blue
    [N] My shits is baby blue
    [A] They powder blue (yo' shits is hotter)
    [A] You hotter with them frames on
    [N] Nigga you James Bond, and you stay low
    [A] Y'know my style babe bro (yeah, make dough)
    [N] Manicure, facial, face glow
    [A] Fuck it if you say so; I keep you P.I.!
    [N] That's how we break hoes
    [N] We throwin ivory dice across the concrete
    [A] And of course that don't make him your man because y'all palm weed
    [N] We had boxed bumpin La-Di-Da-Di (word?)
    [N] Shotties was blastin, pellets jumpin into everybody
    [A] They never got me
    [A] Was cool with all the park shooters, sparkin bazookas
    [A] Sharpen your tutors, cause we don't pardon the snoozers
    [N] Yo son I wouldn't change my life for nuttin
    [A] And that ain't like you for frontin
    [N] Who's the nicest? (Nuff talkin, light somethin)

    [Chorus: Nas   AZ]
    Yo we hard hit, just like Comacho and Vargas

    Who's the target? Now watch how we close the market
    We both hard hit, just like Hagler and Hearns
    Add the math, be concerned, if itc

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