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    [Verse 1: AZ]
    What y'all know about real cashin' and topless Jags
    Doing 80 on the Ave. goin' on the cop some hash
    Stash box, no more air bags, just pop the dash
    Got them things with the sling hammer to cop them bath
    Slouch down in the bucket seats, real discreet
    Ice grillin', like fuck it I'm too real to speak, so suck it in
    Denim down with the Chuck and Timbs
    Fitted cap, so y'all can get it that I'm hustlin'
    I'm a Mr. Queen Mohanin', Kurt Cobain
    So if you thinkin' too hard, you gon' hurt your brain
    From snortin', my feelings is as cold as my chain
    AZ, it's the angels that chose my name
    For the return, it's the second coming, left my woman
    Had to recoup from all the stress and reckless runnin'
    See the beats don't stop, when the heat don't pop
    All it means is that I'm low 'til I see and drop
    It's on...

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