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    How can I be torn from the pages of history? huh?

    How can my name scraped off the pyramid walls

    when I sat with Pharoahs and Kings?

    You think you know, but you have no idea

    This track's here it's like a breath of fresh air

    That shaved thru sunrays families suffer on Sundays

    Had to run astray, pack up and run away

    Fountain of youth, found it, feel like da younger A

    Make sure my son okay, shit, that's the da mission

    College tuition, hope he get accepted to Princeton

    If not got his bail for prison

    I know the pressures of the oppressor It's hell living

    Feel like I'm Mel Gibson, killing 'em kindly finally

    Niggas untied me mami, love the punani, but I

    Can't make you my Boni never, made for the cold weather

    Hatas y'all know better, how can I fold? I was told to hold it together

    Listen, no intermissions, I am, so in position, like, Ali and Liston

    Who could? box me to distance, try me

    Now the police call to give orders to creep on ya

    I master the street corners relax in the feet sauna and

    Fuck if y'all don't like I'm here and I'm shown niceness

    Appear in my own likeness, I zone as my own phychic

    Flow if a niggas holding my clothing'll get you open

    I'm toasting in bitches posting approaching wit mixed emotions

    And ready like military I'm varied like Ben and Jerry's

    Comparing me to him is scary I'm leery as cemeteries

    And losing is not inside me stay moving from paparazzi

    I'm proving the angels got me, I'm cool but my game is cocky

    And money can never make me, my guns they don't come wit safeties

    I hung wit the ones that's crazy I come from the front of Macy's

    Shopping and dropping eighties show stopping wit proper ladies

    I'm hearing a lot of maybe's but nigga it's hot as AZ

    Ha ha ha

    Eyo it's a wrap baby, we got 'em right now, going platinum man, 202k

    Brooklyn Stand up!

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