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    Uh huh
    Word Up..........
    Drop the beat right here

    [Chorus x2]
    Loooove me in a special way what more can I say
    Love me now love love me now

    [Verse 1]
    Since Illmatic this shit started that never departed
    I flossed retarded for them lost in the projects
    I taught them logic gaining courses in college
    Chased dollars but to me whats most important is knowledge
    Know the ledge for ya'll niggas that so on the edge
    It ain't nothin for an infrared to go in your head
    Life in the streets schooled me well movin light on my feet
    So deep had me jumpin up at night in my sleep
    Hold ya heat if you that nigga that's influencing beef
    I'm trying to eat dont have me put two in ya feet
    99 ways i made out to never fade out never get played out
    Got guns blast ya way out


    [Verse 2]
    Saw the worst when I was growing
    Unknowing my quest until I had reality thrown at my chest
    Why would it stress it seem a nigga zone at his best
    Is it a test at times I feel my soul is possesed
    Flavors of Guess throw key at major connects
    Crazy respect goin through it made me a vet
    Gettin down on grounds forbidden
    Made bails from ?????? to the cells in Clinton listen
    We could war till we no more either or
    Or just ball till we all score it's on ya'll
    Did this one for the streets watchin
    And the D's in the streets let them keep clockin
    We clean got love for the whole game
    To go change fake I.D.'s and the code names but no lames
    3 op's and theres more to come we all as one
    Recognize I been this raw since young


    [Verse 3]
    Was I sent for the sinners that never repent
    Or just another thug bent trying to pay for his rent
    Days in contempt I see how ya'll amazed in suspense
    Ways spent catch me at the major events
    So blow a herb on ya corner curb my word
    Doe or Die I was born a swerve bet that
    From 40 bottles to the champagne twist a pop
    White Lables to the brand names kids on top
    And let's toast for the lost souls
    And pray enough to hope and meet em at the crossroads reunite
    Hope I live to see 88 with crazy cake
    In a baby shaped burgandy Bentley with Haiti plates

    [Chorus x2]

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