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    Its international players shit you know what I mean
    Its big boys shit, y'all little boys get the fuck
    outta here, ya heard

    Floss with me and stash holds more than 50
    Snatchin the baddest bitch no luggage, we off to Sicily
    First class flights, see me shine matchin in white
    Gatored up with the faded cut flashin the ice
    Fuck that, niggaz know me, keep low key
    Sneezers nosy, live niggaz creep OT
    From all the hustle on the streets daily numbin the brain
    From drainin out of his game but we runnin the same
    Loving the pain, thug niggaz thuggin in the rain
    Broke niggaz stay broke stingy huggin they chain
    Church niggaz just chill stay connect and thoughts
    While the vest they lost warrants catch them in courts
    Catchin the source, the students that lessons is taught
    I been near through my younger years perfecting the sport
    All praises do for all those facing the zoo, this is the crew
    Soon we'll be blazin that chew

    If you want it (if you want it)
    Just let me know (let me know)
    If you want it (if you want it)
    Just let me know (let me know)
    If you want it (if you want it)
    Just let me know (let me know)
    Let me know (let me know)

    I do this for y'all, I ball for y'all
    Hit the streets strap up go to war for y'all
    Its all for y'all, Champagne across the ball
    Late night hit the strip see me floss the car
    Hit for now, all smiles no tears for now
    Quiet money know the styles see all years from now
    Anti, still camerin shots when remise with eyes
    And hands through the wise
    Strong ties dance with the live
    Act hold up, my whole team actin all up
    Brooklyn! hear to speak niggaz packin all up
    Poet at heart, dart making throwin at them charge
    Hit or miss still a way splitter blow them a part
    Flow with the sharks, real killers coat with the dark
    Is these playin in the streets they awoke to the art
    AZ on your project walls act to the halls
    Respect all the laws, its locked now check all the doors


    What y'all niggaz want, y'all know who y'all fuckin wit
    What up

    From all the new, solar now roll with the crew
    Young in, now a nigga just know what to do
    Trustin a few, feds had me flushin pervu
    You fuckin with who?
    Slippin I'll be bustin at you
    Money to get, y'all niggaz that run your shit
    Dum on your bitch, butt fuck her cum on her tits
    I'm young and convinced, captive trainin for T's
    You ain't in my league just chill and keep blowin your weed
    Quiet as kept, cash flow relyin on my rep
    Sizing the threat, down for like knives in the vest
    Sure shots for the war blocks caught in the box
    Call for you ox, crab niggaz call for the cops


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