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    It's on for now, niggas ballin' now (uh huh)
    It's The Firm baby, ain't no fallin' down
    Thorugh your eyes see your snakeness (Uh huh)
    No lie, Doe Or Die, try to take this
    Stay swift, you can follow if you tailgate (C'mon)
    Reminiscin' when a nigga used to sell weight
    Well laced, G.A. in the summertime, Freaknick (C'mon)
    Back and forth to the ball game, Hen in the cup (Ah)
    Through the years niggas all changed, livin' it up
    Takin's steps to the next level, seen the light
    What it be like, now, puttin' weed in the pipe
    CHORUS: [AZ]
    Berakin' day, off this shit here
    This year, snatched loot everywhere
    Next year, takin' what we left here
    A fear, for thugs
    Hoes get dug, foes get slugs
    Just because
    {Repeat Chorus Twice}
    Cancun at the Jazzfest
    First time we ever met you was half dressed
    Easy access (Ah)
    You and you whole crew, ya alright
    When you beep use Code 2, call tonight
    Got a villa full of young Dons
    Champagne and a grill on my front lawn
    What's song?
    We can dance to some more jams
    Finally meet Nas and the whole fam
    Roseland, love is love when it's all good, clutch ya name (yeah..
    Through my eyes, I'm all hood, fuck the fame
    Play a script like Larenz Tate, bench weights (Yeah)
    Worked out stay in shape
    Benz plates
    Cruise around wit the hot sounds
    Pumped loud, "I Be" by Fox Brown
    It's locked down
    Overall tryin' to make moves stay in the mix
    Motivated by the ace, deuce, tre and the six
    {Repeat Chorus 2 Times}
    Wanna bring it to me right way
    Face to face, (yeah) when you see me get ya lie straight
    It's high stakes, (uh huh) goin' up against a street playa, true type
    (uh huh)
    Get the paper handle beef later, never too hype
    Analyze from the next man, wants war
    Still alive, on the next plan, wantin' more
    Outta town tryin' to get mine stay in the cut (Uh huh)
    Cubans control the prices, keep raisin' 'em up!
    Peace and love to my allies (Uh, uh) play on
    Stayin' up, high late at nights, stay strong
    Sittin' up lettin' all y'all know the deal
    This Firm shit is on for real (For real)
    {Repeat Chorus 5 Times

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