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    f/ Animal

    yeah (yeah)

    Singer* ohhh
    (one more time)
    Singer* ohhh
    (uh huh)
    Singer* ohhh
    (where we at?)
    Singer* ohhh

    It's been official best wishes I send em wit you
    Never sentimental you know the shit a nigga into
    I'm cross-country it's big pimpin all the broads want me
    I'ma do this till the law confront me
    Fuck a slow jam kissing and holding my hand
    I'm a cold man stay flippin gettin that fam
    Who can blame me for all those days you tried to game me
    Switch and change me did shit that made me angry
    It's like payback watch the shit you say on this track
    I heard the stories how you get down lay on yo back
    True confessions why ask so i'm sexxin
    Who i'm blessin and if a nigga use protection

    I've been feelin bad but not bad enough
    Not to walk away Oh no
    Feelin so sad cause thought you were my girl
    Since you betrayed me it's on...on.....

    You know your wrong for trying to play me
    Now he's gone cause he's back wit me

    He wasn't yours when he was mine I can't believe
    That you got down like that
    And now you know just how it b's
    Because it b's like that

    Never thought you just hurt me worse
    (how do you just) How do you just go on?
    Can't believe you tried to say it was someone else
    When it was you that I saw

    You know your wrong for trying to play me
    Now he's gone cause back wit me


    I could see the whole game through the platinum frames
    I done hit niggas wifes I ain't sayin no names
    I just drive through ya block in convertible drops
    Hand you and your best friend Sharon a rock
    Copped a house on a hill six car garage
    Back massage I'm into menage a trois
    Where I'm living at you can wear shorts in December
    You remember stay in the mix like a blender
    I'm goin up the middle I'ma spread y'all both
    I'm an animal you know I had to hit y'all both
    You and the doctor call back go ahead i'ma fall back
    Sex was wack but your best friend was all that
    Me and honey dip was creepin off for months
    Had her blowin on the pipe while I was blowin on blunts
    But you is trouble though I cop the six double O
    But i'ma let you go with the Lex bubble though
    Shorty think I trick alot cause she suck the dick alot
    I'm fuckin wit y'all like Sir i'm in the mix alot

    Singer* Background Singers*
    Why'd you have to go and play yourself
    Girl you know you were wrong
    Now your sitting home all by yourself
    The man you thought was yours is gone

    Chorus 4x

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