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    Yeah.. this is it right here.. this defines me..
    Turn my mic up.. let's do it, let's do it..

    Spirit of Marcus Garvey, Farad Muhammad
    Medgar Evars and Bob Marley, I'm God-Body
    The scripture says Allah's inside me, show love
    I was hugged by the arms of Gandhi, gave me my strength
    You could tell somebody raised me with sense
    We all need somethin to help us through our daily events
    Bear with me; the toughest niggaz tear quickly
    No lie - pops still cry and he near fifty - freedom or death
    I give niggaz a reason to sweat, there's no test
    Verbally it's like I'm seen as the best, who wanna try me?

    (Yeahhhhhhh, yeah-e-yeah.. I'm back!)

    Sent to express grace
    Seperate the weaker niggaz is the best way, fuck how y'all feel
    Y'all cowards now fuckin with real
    I return like McGrady got caught with a pill, let's get it poppin
    I move like a nigga coppin
    I know the stress from the streets when I was diddy-boppin
    Playin the corners face to face with the faces of mourners
    It's hard to trace the informers until it's too late, Jake rest on my corners
    The focus is back, I play a part in this culture of rap
    Bought some whips so I relate on how these vultures attack
    Flippin and runnin, double-park, rippin up summons
    How many niggaz hittin twin sisters and flippin they cousins?
    Call it finesse, the game give it all I posess
    Nothin changed, I'ma ball to the death

    (Yeahhhhhhh, yeah-e-yeah.. I'm back!)

    [El Shaber]
    Yeah, that's right
    Show these cats how we do this here nigga

    I'm like a, rose in the desert but how can one grow without rain?
    How can one experience happiness without pain?
    And how could I fall to the violence of hell and still remain sane?
    And how could I still remain on top of my game?
    When both the black and white devils seek the power to rebel
    Seek to defy my radiance, I shift gears to another level
    I'm focused, but it's like I'm playin a cold hand of spades
    I got a lot of hearts, but these fools tryin to cut me
    and I'm tired of these jokers
    Vengeance is mine, I plague the whole planet with locusts
    I survived the mayhem, my advantage I've been the brokest
    I wasn't drugged and inhaled by all the smokers
    Then I became the love absorbed by all the cultures
    I can't trust women because my heart was scorned
    It's hard to trust yo' comrades, when yo' heart was torn
    One-nine-seven-oh the God was born..

    (Yeahhhhhhh, yeah-e-yeah.. I'm back!)

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