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    Guy- "What's up AZ?"
    AZ - "Maintainin' G"
    Guy- "I'm sayin' tough titties somebody gotta suck it, I'm casin the
    joint what's up?"
    AZ - "I'm sayin' there mad dime bitches up in here though."
    Guy- "Let me tell you though, it ain't time to subtract & add on."
    Jackie- "How you doin' AZ?"
    AZ - "Oooh you definitely thick no question."
    Jackie- "Yeah, but it cost."
    Guy- "Yo man give me change for a penny, I pay for that, I know who
    you is Hoe Happy Jackie."
    Whoever thought that, that sweet thing born model material
    That hated hot cereal, could grow to be a high silly hoe
    Really though it's a shame for this damn thing
    Cuz everything's brand name
    when will she get enough of these damn games?
    Struttin' wit her unbuttoned blouse like it ain't nuttin'
    Draggin' her wagon, knowin' fellas be flaggin' & frontin'
    Hopin, by keepin' her gear, wear, & hair dope &
    Some really Big Willie nigga'll dig her and get open
    And give her what only a tenderoni would deserve
    She got some nerve thinkin' every nigga's a herb
    That goes around trickin' on every chicken that he's stickin'
    Male of female, whoever cats that need and ass kickin'
    Cuz if it's more than one fella tryin' to get wit her
    To hell wit the fly, she only sliddin' wit the highest bidder
    But if you aks me
    She's nothin' but a nasty, money hungry, unclass, Hoe Happy Jackie
    Guy- "Yo, son word to mother, let's keep it real, that bitch ain't
    nuthin' but poison man, every nigga that bitch fuck wit
    somethin' happen to, she see a pinky ring shine
    she up in the nigga mug piece like he handlin'."
    Check it, this one Jamaican wasn't fakin' wit the bacon
    Cuz ever since him, she was on if I'm not mistaken
    But then again, this money gettin' Dominican
    Caught her when she was fallin' off, & made her win again
    Now nothin' can stop it, once she in a nigga pocket
    She be seein' more profit, than those livest weed spots get
    Makin' her income & then some
    Cuz even a weddin' band on her hand, won't stop a man who wanna spend
    Diamonds, & furs is all she want, that damned Glamour girl
    Lovin' it, out there clubbin' it, dancin' like one of Hammer girls
    Happy Jackie the jigga hoe
    Her job is to jack niggas doe, I call Jackie the jack a nigga pro
    And it's true, count all the fellas she flew through
    She even juiced Jack the Jew
    Jackie I'm scarred of you
    & I remember that '87 September
    When she was slima, she was a hoe hoppin' beginna
    But now from acne, nappy hair, and gear that was tacky
    She's on (She's on, she's on, she's on)
    Jackie- "Yo I got that sucka ass nigga."
    Girl - "Ooh yes you do (I'm sayin' though what's his name?)
    That's AZ from the Eastside. Girl you better work dat ass."
    Jackie- "Is he trickin' boo?"
    Girl - "He trickin' (Good), but he got a baby moms."
    Jackie- "Yo fuck that I gotta eat his doe thang
    95 I'm gettin' it all
    Girl - "Yeah go ahead girl."
    So all the sugar dick, dirty devil dog, slick daddies
    Don't get out foxed, and slicked, and turn into a trick daddy
    Trickin' ya whore, hustlin' end for some skins
    Cuz next you be trickin' on all you family members & friends
    She got a way to make ya feel like ya gotta stay in
    It's not a way she'll pay, it's bills that she gotta pay
    So married or single, watch out for Jackie when you jingle
    She might sting you, and ain't no tellin' what that stinga bring you
    You could fall off point & get careless
    Lose all awareness, go hairless, why she wouldn't care if
    You go bankrupt
    Her lifestyle's corrupt
    So knowledge before your wisdom of understandin' is fucked
    Cuz if you ask me she's nothin' but a nasty
    money hungry, unclassy, Hoe Happy Jackie
    Jackie- "Yo what up AZ? We out?"
    AZ - "I'm sayin' whatever baby. Dinner gonna lead to breakfast,
    if it's on you it's all good."
    Jackie- "Yo I got you all the way."
    AZ - "Better stop talkin' 'bout it & be about it, word."
    Jackie- "Yo my man whip outside, we can leave right now."
    AZ - "You buggin' the fuck out? What's wrong wit you? Word up,
    what the fuck you talkin' about? Bitch, you tryin' to get a
    nigga killed or somethin'?"
    Jackie- "I'm sayin'....."
    AZ - "Get the fuck outta here, word up."
    Jackie- "I suck ya dick."
    AZ - "Yo, you stupid get the f.... You Hoe Happy Jackie ass bitch.
    Yo get the f.... Ayo son, come and get her the fuck outta here,
    ayo get the Mo son we walkin' out the fuckin' club wit that
    shit right now, word up. Ayo kick that bitch to the back

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