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    Sketchy, witness the relentless, the man hunted tensing
    The Tek left behind was printless
    Narcs and Homicide, Feds and armoured rides
    Hell se-la-cia, I'm vest up, armed to die
    Forever will, glock shots, shoots to kill
    So what the deal? Violate, feel the steel
    The cleverest, so whoever slips
    Roamin and holdin, terrorists born wit dis, gettin on wit dis
    Make a move while you fake moves
    You and your frontin crews, dressed upon jewels, livin on 6-2's
    But now it's on, the end justifies the means
    Lye smoke and CREAM, is all I fiend
    It's in my genes, I float thru the streets and seen
    An intended European and 50 coupe, it's green
    Nothin in between, me and my team we're I'll too
    Respect due or I feel for you
    We got this locked now, pure official, white crystal
    The hypo get you before the snipe from the pistol
    It's potent, just one whiff'll have you floatin
    Hot and soakin, while I'm sellin, y'alls is smokin
    Forever shinin, except the blue diamond's prime'n
    And dining with wealthy, old dime bitches rich as from cosignin
    Gold and American, leave the charge, car holdin
    I'm rollin, affiliated with those that's ballin
    So knowledge me, and analyse my qualities
    You've crossed all apologies, my lifetime policy
    Plus playin for keeps in these New York streets
    To get deep, so hold heat, try to control your sleep
    Cos umm, the life I live is deeper than the Mississippi Rivers
    Me and my niggas only drivin what a ride give us
    Puffin lye, gettin high til we die
    So fuck it, whatever nigga, try to violate and fry

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