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    When the song come on hands in the air , (4x)

    We surfaced consumer's pre-purchase
    Guess who's back on the charts and he's nervous
    Elite service, amongst men that beat murders
    Fish-fillet lover, brother, don't eat burgers
    Rap slowest, those that hold the gats know this
    Biblical facts I'm about to re-enact Moses
    Uh huh
    Misery's back, I'm calligraphy on niggery tracks
    Epidemy, it's seems like most consider me that, literally
    It's like wizardry with me and the raps
    And getting rid of me, somebody's insecurity lacks
    Lucid, never biting or track boosting, it's too confusing
    I supply what the fiends shooting
    Front's is needed, I was once young and anemic
    'Till I found a few players to team with

    When the song come on hands in the air (4x)

    I'm like the spring in a .45 colt pistol
    Know the initials I gleam like a coke crystal
    With most fickle, too serious to joke with you
    Weak lungs was too laid-back to blow whistles
    Far away and two cellphones with calls waiting
    Parlaying two red-bones and I'm more patient
    Spreeing on the form's fragrance
    Leaving stores on every floor evermore vacant
    We all chasing the thoughts of assort places
    Bringing serenity back from all the court cases
    And lost races, chose to expose little
    Rap rugal, cockback smack your screw's loose
    Axe Noodles rose amongst who ever
    A Jewel tellers smooth fellas
    Elders schooled me to do better

    When the song come on hands in the air (4x)

    O's kept, dice out, no bets
    Lights out, I'm a Vet, y'all no threat
    Piped out, something stretch, it's cold sex
    Nice house, run around, in old sweats
    Can't see me, don't try it, can't be me
    Won't tire, y'all cowards can't leave me
    Locked in, flow-wise I'm top ten
    Hop in, low-ride, I'm not him
    Hold heavy, it's hot, hope glow's ready
    So deadly, this is not Hov' and Kelly
    We hog tie 'em, nothing's plated, dark iron
    The god's rhyming, thru the conduit the car's flying
    Coke wit it, the doe did it, hoes get it
    Unstable, still able to blow digits.

    When the song come on hands in the air (5.5x)

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