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    feat. Animal, Trav

    I'm a hustler, not by choice (1x)

    I didn't fall from heaven, I rose from hell
    Bigboy, get bagged, he gon' hold my bail
    It's like Attica '67 when they, closed the jail
    Be careful, but promote yo'selves that's what they told me
    Involved but unconcerned fuck beef when it dissolve it does not return
    I don't leave, stagnate nor move off-beat
    So discrete very rarely do I move on feet
    I rough-ride twin rugers on the sides of my seats
    Drive-by's, bodies left on both sides of the streets
    I blacks out never blind by the size of the image
    No disguise, homocide don't rely forensic
    Homes's finished, scrambling caught in the scrimmage
    12 shells ricocheting and it pours from the hemorrhage
    Get the casket embalm and forget the bastard for moving backwards
    New York's number one draft pick

    I'm a hustler, not by choice (4x)

    All this nigga know is, get money burn a lot of smokes
    Lazy niggas was sleeping, I was wide awoke
    Not a joke, creep on snitches, niggas gotta choke
    When it's time to sleep with the fishes I supply the boat
    And I swear it hurts, I supply the coke
    'Cuz don't nothing scare me worse than dying broke
    Iron poking on my ribs while I'm laying in a Taurus
    I live this shit y'all just performers, it's a dirty game
    I seen thugs turn informers, crooked cops run in the crib, no warrants
    Money talk though, never stuck in a grudge,
    Got a female lawyer and she fucking the judge
    I was once told, that you reap what you sow
    And a, the scent of weed always seep in your clothes
    And a, it's Quiet Money so we speaking in codes
    Like, why should I trust ya?, nigga, I'm a hustler

    I'm a hustler, not by choice (

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