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    Ha, ha, ha, new drink, Balley's and Henny
    you ain't got no Henny, get the Remy
    you ain't got the Remy, any cognac'll do. . .
    Smooth criminal shit baby. . .

    Kaiser Sosa intention
    Glide in a Hummer wit the flyin' saucer engine
    Willied out, at my crib in the winter having cookouts
    Smack by witch, look out
    I'm like Barnabas, crab niggas tryin' to conquer us
    They mad cuz we jump outta cabs, and hop on the bus
    Copin' dust, Firm Clique rock the whole Metropolis
    Bitches who burn dick won't put a stop to us
    Niggas who. . . . . .

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