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    Lord knows I try
    get high, get high, get high

    [Verse 1:]
    I got haze blue and strawberry dro and diesel
    I got kush and cannabis and all shades are lethal
    Enough to puff with all my people
    Chunks in the truck like the stuff was legal
    Nothin but dutches I'm amoungst the evils
    Bongs to breathe through my first time was preeschool

    Get high, Get fly, Get lye

    [Verse 2:]
    I got tons of guns but I love that mac
    Automatics love to tug those back
    Snubnoses for my hoes that pack
    Big toys like them boys in Iraq
    Click clacks'll put your brains in your lap
    Open on thats the first time I blacked


    [Verse 3:]
    I got Gucci, Pradas, Louis and all
    I got it for the spring, the summer, the winter, fall
    I got Bagarvy shades, Chrichendiors
    Tims and hoodies just for war
    Suits and hardbottoms respect no law
    Open in the mall the first time I Balled


    [Verse 4:]
    I got chicks thats all thick and in shape, and love it
    Flicks and videos, shit, I does it
    Some that cry, cum, and some thats rugged
    One thats sprung when she done she hum it
    One home body and one I run with
    M?nage, massage, and word to God

    Lord knows I did


    [Verse 5:]
    I got cribs in the suburbs, the hood, and the city
    A low crib with the wiz thats pretty
    A crew crib where niggas bring biddies
    A crib out mid, thats hid like Diddy's
    A tropic spot out in the Caymans
    A Cali spot the first time I copped


    [Verse 6:]
    I got love for thugs and hustlers period
    Hate for snakes I take that serious
    Respect for ballers and those that stack
    Appreciation for broads with back
    Death for losers that snitch and tell
    My homie homes first day on bail


    [Verse 7:]
    I got 5 albums out 4 to go
    A paper fetish I love the dough
    Love for V's that speed and blow
    Knowledge of self if you need to know
    Patrone,Crissy, even Cleeko
    Bitch so big I had to a pimp

    I tried, I tried


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