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    [Verse 1]
    Follow, I'm like a Lamborghini green Diablo
    Coupe VT, it's like DVD when I flow
    Feel me, I'm loved like the great late Malik Sealy
    The one the player haters hate dearly, but can't near me
    Homicide can't scare me
    I o-bide by the laws of these streets sincerely, a real nigga
    The type that can build with ya
    Verbalize bring life to a still picture, its God given
    Been blessed with Allah's vision, strength and beauty
    Truly my only duty is to dodge prison
    Play wit me, I'm modest 'til them strays hit me
    Regardless the circumstances I'ma stay filthy
    Doe forever, the live stay low forever
    And fuck niggaz, cause it's hard to keep them close together
    No dependant, no wife, no co-defendant
    No forms of weakness, I flow with vengeance

    Aiyo, holler if you with me niggaz
    Swallow if you with me trick
    Feel me when I talk about this (Gangsta Shit)
    I got niggaz in jail for life behind this (Gangsta Shit)
    We stand ride and get down for this (Gangsta Shit)
    Play with me if you want to nigga
    Trick where's my money at
    You die fucking with me in this (Gangsta Shit)
    I wouldn't have it any way beside this (Gangsta Shit)
    And when I grow I want to go out on some (Gangsta Shit)

    [Verse 2]
    Listen, I'm not mixed with any studios tricks
    And no special effects, that you see in flicks
    It's all rugged, you gotta love it
    College dorm tape back niggaz gotta dub it
    Was taught smart, I never had thoughts in my heart
    I'm stand up
    My photograph it's like a porch of art, please respect
    Your ignorance could lead to your death, so don't do it
    I firmly believe in finesse its no other
    Come fuck with the clothe lover
    Coupe pushing dro puffing paper taking hoe toucher toast with me
    It's like the ghost of Frank Nitty wrote with me
    For self rock smoke a whole 50, I'm way different
    Only bitch niggaz stay riffing
    Show boating til they lay stiffing
    Do the knowledge, smooth niggaz move lovers
    Holla back it's on you daddy, you decide it
    Throw the dice


    I'm adored by the most live
    Hustler or rap nigga toured on both sides
    It's all the same, spot game do a close die
    Won't close shop until mother-fuckers know tie
    Recognize prepare for the second rise
    I'm certified, currency is what I'm specialize
    So pay homage, relate like the Masonic
    Knowing no man ever really escaped bondage
    We all trapped, don I started all of that
    Jewels and bottles, y'all bums y'all need to fall back
    Ya'll all birds, speaking using wrong words
    Fuck a woofer, this winter I'm rocking long furs
    Loosing your face, I move with unusual grace the games locked
    Retime on proof my taste, y'all can't see me
    Crab niggaz can't be me
    Broke bitches regardless y'all can't G me
    It ain't easy


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