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    (AZ) Baby bring that ashtray in here


    (AZ) And bring my mail it's on top of the counter

    Here baby

    (AZ) Check, what's this

    I don't know some mail came thru today

    (AZ) Fishscale, Professional, what's this about men
    lemme see what this about

    Anyway, the food will be ready in 20 minutes

    Peace Allah, hope tha scribe reach ya hands in good health
    As for self, no sense of worrying my cards been dealt
    Sunk in a cell, fishscale, fifth year of my bid
    Finally got a chance recent to connect with my kids
    It's kinda hard thru carelessness I scared they moms
    And temporary I was barred voluntary the bond
    Nevertheless, it's issues I need to address
    Pertaining the certain statements that made me confess
    Faced with life, it bites when reality hit
    And wit crime come a lot of technicality shit
    Thru many co-defendants conspiracies linking
    Like the court system designed to keep the mind from thinking
    Fog ya vision, guess it's just the odds of living
    But like me, most great men became god in prison
    Since Illmatic, first heard ya bars of life
    I was up in Cansaki, *****s started to fight
    You touched souls to a lost population of men
    And no doubt, if ever out they'll never lock me again
    Faced wit 10 on state time, wit life on the back
    It's fucked up when your own folks ain't writing you back
    Learn to relax, spoke wit certain cats that helped adapt
    You know the streets to the pen it's kinda hard to transact
    All the cars and the pretty women, condos,
    The clothes and the city living
    I seen division, breakdown of the population
    It's either submit, death or incarceration I felt the combination
    Torn between reality rap and the fakes
    Some do it f

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