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    Play time's over lime green rover
    Even after Remi still seems i'm sober
    My cream got lower them things got colder
    Ever since the last thing I caught in October
    June's now here move around where
    Parts of D.C what ya'll doin down there
    Dough gotta get flipped who gotta get hit
    Got a lot of work can't let shit sit
    I know down there it's slow down there
    Everything's double I can blow down there
    Next flight out i'ma jet right out
    Got the white floating on the 95 south
    See y'all soon it'll be around noon
    And y'all know a nigga style i'ma leave y'all room
    Dressed in old clothes step on no toes
    Money over bitches sexxin no hoes
    It's shit like that'll make you slip like that
    Crossed all up and get you hit like that
    The game ain't fair names ain't clear
    Everybody wanna hustle it's a shame I swear

    Bodies Gotta get caught (Niggas gotta die)
    Everybody wanna shit talk (Why niggas gotta lie?)
    Somebody gotta get scorched (Niggas gone fry)
    It's time niggas get taught (Stop gettin high)

    Ain't no rules no more nobody's cool no more
    But I ain't never give a fuck so screw y'all all
    Love to ball since school got moves and all
    Sweet J's three play I abuse the floor
    And there's certain niggas now I refuse to call
    Swtiching up on the cards only confused them all
    You got blocks go head move that wall
    Like to break shit down I give em two for four
    I'ma get my run few trips i'm done
    Wanna fuck but the work can't mix wit fun
    See the shit don't stop till i'm sittin on top
    And ain't nuttin like floating through picking up knots
    Y'all know that vibe a nigga's soul done died
    Play the board till the lord above close my eyes
    It's real like that why I feel like that
    Couldn't understand til I had to conceal a ghat
    But SOS don't play it goes both ways
    And we love hittin corners just like roach spray


    So if you love yourself you won't cross my path
    I gasoline niggas up and torch they ass
    40 yards from the field goal caught the pass
    While you fumble shit knocked off half ya stash
    Had to be your work I see your hurt
    But any fool on the street gotta eat first
    I earnt that right i've turnt out nights
    Just now taking time out to learn about life
    It's more wise to it like why did I do it
    Why if I do it y'all would die if I use it

    Chorus 2x

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