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    feat. Joe
    Aiyyo, we veterans now,
    AZ, AZ
    And J-O-E

    I'm back, no Belve, just bottles of Don
    With the same role plays that's about to go on,
    Any stagnation, I rise beyond
    Get it right, understand ma, ties are strong
    From the streets where it all started, back in school
    To the dough stacks,and nigga start actin' fool
    Who's be the loud type and like to flash the jewels
    Hit something nice then broadcast the news,
    Facts and weed, this slow track that we
    Did it all in the hood, had to leave
    Asthmatic, guess I had to breathe
    Short nigga wait up, suppose to grab the 'vees
    Blasted for few winters, rejuvenated
    Return like you remembered, but more swifter
    Stronger than your malt liquor,
    Money, hoes and clothes, don't let them hoes get cha,
    They not fair

    [Chorus] 2X

    That's how we ball, that's how we bang
    Show them how we are in them thangs,
    Play your part, play the game
    Everything's everything

    This is real, believe it I take look for real
    It's perspiration under the booster wheel,
    Trucks and 20's, 'Lacs wit them cocked Zazemi
    You can catch me at Justin's or up in Jimmy's
    Jack them hot, the real never wrestle with pride,
    If you lie, that's the only way I let you inside
    Drop them or not, probably for the love of the block
    See me solo in a photo, hands under my cock
    For face, the white clock and tainted shades
    Take for fake, got a face that just say for raise
    Get in the mix, sittin' up in cinema six,
    Multi-complex, go before the end of the flick
    It's just me, besides I'm just a G
    Wit the O in the front, I know what you want
    Believe I'm sucka-free

    [Chorus] 2X-acap

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