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    It's another interlude motherfucker
    You know it's Animal the Mixtape Bully nigga, MTB
    You know how I do it the way I do it when I do it the way I do it
    Motherfucker stab you in your throat with a icepick
    Shoot you in the face with a beebee gun
    Whatever I do to bring you to the conrete I'ma do it, you heard?
    My motherfuckin nigga A, it's the closin of the album nigga
    I salute you nigga, for never bein a bitch
    For never bein a bitch-ass nigga {*music starts*}
    Cryin, retirin, sayin you comin back to the game
    Go findin God and comin back, keep gettin shot and comin back
    Niggaz doin mixtapes and comin back
    Lyin 'til y'all caught with guns and comin back
    Keep comin back baby, you in the top five man
    Y'all niggaz pay The Source for mics man
    Cause you don't know how to be an original nigga from the streets
    I respect you man, close it out like this, 2-double-oh-5
    Fuck the world, you heard, say what's up A.W.O.L. take it

    I am one of the flyest, crew is like the Al'Qaeda's
    We war like in the mess halls of Elmyra
    Bodies get caught, predicate spells is higher
    Why talk if you ain't walk through hell's fire
    All-nighters, upscale attire
    In car get new cars you and your mans admire
    Young messiah, back bottom guns for hire
    I am that what the rap contracts require
    Ghostwriter, coast to coast cyphers
    I do this for them grown men in diapers that don't like us
    Though, still the nicest, sendin kites to Riker's is priceless
    Reminiscin on past life fights with Cypress
    Hung lifeless, sprung from financial crisis
    Never ran, I stand amongst the righteous
    AZ-Q, dark denimy V suits
    His, arson is lethal, only pardon his people so
    Just ask it open the closed casket
    Coke or the dope acid I'm back on that old Shaft shit
    Got my ratchets, army fatigue jacket
    Fitted cap on backwards with them cats from Flatbush
    Bravehearted, fuck if they say squash it
    We remain the largest, we invade regardless
    Trains to Spofford insane with a brain from Hartford
    It's hard to explain my artwork
    One for the haters, two for the true and the raiders
    I know dudes who eat your food with a razor
    It's major, barbaric, brutal behavior
    Called addict, I talk about the jewelry later
    My respect is for the DL cartel connects
    And the crews that came through and left arise well effect
    Finesse, big boys only play with the best
    It's no regrets, bein dead broke and raised in the 'jects
    I'm a vet, cousin Comstock callin collect
    Sayin he just left the box hot annoyed and depressed
    Claimin he stressed did a 3 still facin the stress
    I'm like look this ain't the vote and you ain't facin your death
    So save your breath, tie your boots up and bang with the rest
    Cause in reality they just incarcerated your flesh
    You know the deal, I pray they process your appeal
    Cause on the real, I still got my hands on the wheel
    And I'ma drive 'til the gas run out
    Either crash or a wrap 'til a smash come out
    We them real niggaz

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