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    [Music: Axel Rudi Pell]
    [Lyrics: Charlie Huhn / Axel Rudi Pell]

    Sneakin' thru the darkness, silence all around
    Daddy's not at home tonight, lost and never found
    howlin'at the full moon, hear a distant cry,
    tattoed Queen awaits me, passion in her eyes

    Hot desire, feel the fire
    the moment she started to dance
    guns for hire red hot wire
    screamin' myself in a trance

    like a wild cat - iyah iyah
    like a wild cat, breakin' out of my cage
    like a wild cat - iyah iyah
    like a wild cat

    Stalk my feline prey, wrestle her to the ground,
    rollin' like thunder, hear the wild cat sound,
    stong will survive, this beast you'll never tame,
    cruise jungle city, tomorrow'll be the same

    [Repeat Bridge]
    [Repeat Chorus]
    [Repeat Chorus]

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