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    1. Verse (mellow)

    Life is unreal, in the darkest dreams
    We felt it all, al long time ago
    Can't find our way through silent screams
    Searching for the way to go
    Too blind to realize
    Our way will lead through fire 'n ice
    Dreamings of paradise, prophecies of scary nights

    2.Verse (hard)

    Higher and higher, through the mist and snow
    Through the fog, a long time to go
    Out in the cold, but still feel the fire
    Hearing echoes of darkest desire


    On and on
    We travel through the danger zone
    On and on
    You're out on your own


    In the valley of sin (sin, sin, sin)
    Bad nights to remember
    Sin (sin, sin, sin)
    They don't let you go
    Valley of sin (sin, sin, sin)
    Bad nights to remember
    Sin (sin, sin, sin)
    Hear the siren's call

    3. Verse (mellow)

    Masked fools are screaming, death is dancing in the dark
    Life without a soul is like a flame without a spark

    4. Verse (hard)

    The faces of doom told us all wrong
    Whispering tales from the shadow zone
    Up down the hill, in this fullmoon night
    Warriors are waiting for the final fight

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