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    [Music: Pell / Lyrics: Soto]

    Hearts of stone with faces of
    Terrorize you with no soul.
    You can't hide from the course of
    The trigger,
    Shots in the night leaves your blood
    Runnin' cold.
    Bullets fly over and over,
    Remorseless desires,
    They don't care if you see
    If you live or you die.
    You can't hide if you're chosen the
    You won't be sacrificed
    Can't escape from the screams and
    The anger,
    You can tell by the look in their
    Shoot your mouth again,
    Can't get away from it, it's the talk
    Of the guns.
    Get me outta here,
    'cause you can't turn your back
    From the talk of the guns.
    Lost in the race, you're caught in
    The war zone,
    Standing in the line of fire,
    One foot in the grave, the other is
    The last words you hear "Hang 'em
    [Repeat bridge]
    [Repeat chorus]

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