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    [Music: Axel Rudi Pell]
    [Lyrics: Charlie Huhn]

    I surrender, feel the pain,
    I hope our lovin's not in vain,
    I'm just a prisoner, not to blame,
    can't help myself here I go again

    I don't care, what the people may say,
    I never listen to 'em anyway
    I'm just a victim oj your master plan,
    your every wish will be my command

    Call out my name - I'll come runnin' to ya baby,
    Drive me insane - you know, I gotta have it

    I'm your slave of love
    tell me what can I do,
    There's no escapin' girl, I'm hooked on you
    I'm your slave of love
    and my heart is true
    Gotta have you woman,
    I'll always be your slave of love

    She ties me up with all her sweet demands
    you dominate my life, it's in your hands
    I try to tell myself, it's no big deal
    she knows just how to make a young man feel

    [Repeat Bridge]
    [Repeat Chorus]
    [Repeat Bridge]
    [Repeat Chorus]

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