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    Run Through The Night
    And Find No Place To Hide,
    Cold Sweat's Running Over Your Face,
    You're Living For Your Sword And Your Gun,
    Leaving The World In Disgrace

    Dancing On The Edge Of A Knife,
    Twisting Around Like A Fool,
    Escaping From The Wrong Side Of Life,
    Trying To Break All The Rules

    Playing With Fire,
    You're Touching The Flame,
    Playing With Fire,
    But Life's Not A Game,
    Playing With Fire,
    Your're Losing Control,
    Playing With Fire,
    Don't Let Yourself Go,
    You're Playing With Fire...

    All Of Your Life
    You Have Been Mistreated,
    Caught In A Black Masquerade,
    Look Into The Mirror Of Sin,
    Facing That It's Not Too Late

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