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    [Music: Pell / Lyrics: Pell]

    Oh so long, hide your faces from the
    From the distance I hear you callin',
    'cause you're on the run.
    You're one out of millions and
    There's no place that you call home,
    (It's) an endless turnin' circle,
    Nobody cared where you're comin'
    Where are you runnin' to, escape
    From yesterday
    Is this the price you have to pay.
    Can't see the sun around, you're
    Hidin' in the cave
    And if you don't care more, it will
    Take you to the grave
    You're an outlaw
    Undercover in the night
    You're an outlaw
    There's no heart to jump
    You're an outlaw
    Broken hero in the night
    You're an outlaw
    Running wild
    Hear me screaming, it's agony and
    Shadows in the darkness, there's no
    "Life" to appear
    I can't go on without love, I'm lost
    Behind the wall
    I'm the guy who rides the devil, For
    Whom the bells toll..
    [Repeat bridge]
    [Repeat chorus]

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