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    [1. Verse:]
    Living in cages, with fearful eyes of sorrow
    so sad and lonely on their own
    dumb and pushed off, no hopes for tomorrow
    trembling bones all alone

    Lost creatures running blind
    But you hope with all the tears you cried

    There's no chance to live
    another torture's passing by
    no chance to live
    don't want to die
    no chance to live
    hearing screams from above
    mistreated and crying out for love

    [2. Verse:]
    How can you do such bad things to me
    I cannot talk, can't defend and I'm not free
    where is the person which really really loves me
    and helps me to get out, to be free again

    [Chorus ad-libs:]
    No chance to live...

    much to young to die...
    raped souls on the way to the sky...

    No chance to live...
    Oh lord please hear me calling...
    I'm crying out for freedom...

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