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    Somewhere In The Distance,
    Was A Place You Can't Describe,
    All People Lived In Anger,
    They Thought It Wasn't Right, They Called It Tragedy

    All Fools, They Disappeared,
    They Were Lost And Never Seen,
    Sometimes You Hear The Screams
    Of The Souls Of The Undead In The Midnight Hour

    Don't walk Alone,
    Hide Your Skin And Your Bones,
    Beware Of All Dark In The Night

    It's Magic,
    It's Magic,
    Burning Symbols On The Wall,
    It's Magic,
    They Searched For You, They Search For All

    Living For Today,
    'Cause Tomorrow Never Comes,
    Oh Lord, They Have To Pray,
    That No Evil's Coming Out Of The Rotten Swamp

    At The Houses Of The Holy,
    They Tried To Break The Walls,
    Their Whispered Dream To Turn The Key, An Evil Laugh
    And They Knew, They Will Be Restrained.....

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