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    [1. Verse:]
    We met on the streets down somewhere
    no place to survive
    a look in your eyes signalized me
    our prospering love
    We thought it was heaven, never turned into hell
    but only time tells the truth, the wicked spell

    Crying in the night
    there's no future for you and I

    Living a lie
    cold hearted, time to cry
    Living a lie
    love will never survive
    Living a lie
    endless time of sorrow
    Living a lie
    hopeless life with no tomorrow
    (Living a lie)

    [2. Verse:]
    We danced on the edge of anger
    even in the pouring rain
    never thought that it's time to surrender
    all the tears had been drained
    falling down, in and out of love,
    the thoughts had been paralyzed
    You, the heartlessly demon,
    go and get a life

    The scream of anger, the pouring rain
    all the tears that you cried
    were gone with the wind...
    Your heart made of ice, your soul just a stone
    Love sucking bitch go and leave me alone

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