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    Don't Close Your Eyes,
    Could Be Forever,
    Don't Close The Door,
    On The Way To The Stars

    Get Hypnotized,
    Lost In The Shadows,
    Don't Hear The Howl,
    Of The Wolf Anymore

    We're Climbing A Mountain Of Rocks,
    Seeing The Eternal Flame,
    They Tried To Hold Us Back From Above,
    Saying This Trip's Not A Game.
    Light In The Sky,
    There's No Returning,
    Light In The Sky,
    Lost For All Eternity...

    We're On The Move,
    We're Going Nowhere,
    Touching The Roof,
    On The Top Of The World

    We're Getting Close
    To Another System,
    We Said Goodbye
    And We're Sure We're Gonna Miss Em...

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