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    [1. Verse:]
    From the distance came the thunder
    And took their breath away
    Eternal lights forever
    The price they had to pay

    [2. Verse:]
    The storm of death is comin'
    Through the wind and rain
    The midnight bell is tolling
    The mob is on it's way

    No one dared to stand in their way
    Or else they had to pay

    They don't know
    They don't know
    They're the legions of hell
    They don't know
    Where to go
    And they're casting the spell

    [3. Verse:]
    Echoes in the darkness
    Which are hiding from the light
    Wheels of time kept turning
    The moon ain't shining bright

    [4. Verse:]
    Black sun on the horizon
    The air turned to dust
    Rules made from evil
    And the water turned to blood

    The forces of hell,
    Infernal lights, demonic nights

    We are the legion, the legions of hell
    When they're casting the spell
    I wish you well
    From the distance from far away they had to pay
    I wish you well
    That's why they are the legions of hell

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