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    [1. Verse:]
    We're leaving, the crown up in the air
    closing doors from yesterdays, on ashes of despair
    We don't know...
    Cold days in hell, dreamings of paradise
    cursed by the chains, too much unholy nights

    Escaping the world of the evil
    going down on and on
    believing the world of tomorrow
    the spell and the charm

    We need to fly
    all ships are burning
    we need to fly
    to the moon
    tide's turning high
    no one is learning
    we need to fly
    to the moon
    to the moon

    [Chorus 2 + 3 additional:]
    we said goodbye
    the wings of turning
    we need to fly
    to the moon
    to the moon

    [2. Verse:]
    Dragons and demons
    jokers and fools
    trying to tear out our souls
    the wicked breed, the evil seed
    stealing the rainbows
    from far you hear the bells toll

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