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    [Music: Pell / Lyrics: Soto]

    You been riding hard and you've
    Seen the face of heaven,
    The lawman has no mercy on your
    One kiss and you're gone, just like a
    Timeless rebel,
    From an age of unsung stories told.
    So divine this life you live with
    Shattered lies,
    It's all the price you pay when you're
    Living for the night.
    Hear the cry, hear you callin',
    Hear the cry, cry of the gypsy.
    Hang 'em high if you catch him,
    Hear the cry...
    You can play the game, tho you
    Sacrifice contentment,
    Always haunted by demons from the
    When your pride is gone you'll be
    Praying that it's not too late,
    'cause you know that it won't last.
    In your eyes no fear to demoralize,
    The heat is rising, rising from the
    [Repeat chorus]

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