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    [1. Verse:]
    You call yourself a lady
    With innocent eyes
    But your mind drive's me crazy
    A devil in disguise
    Burnin' nights of passion
    Lasting from dusk till dawn
    Falling in and out of romance
    Forever on and on

    The heart of the moment's hiding your cold
    Hearted lies
    Inordinate torment
    A waste of time

    Cold heaven
    Feels like hell
    You're heart's like a stone /
    [2nd:] You drive me insane
    Cold heaven
    Nothing more to tell
    Better leave you alone /
    [2nd:] Love's not a game

    [2. Verse:]
    I used to be your romeo
    Your master of sin
    But you behave like a gambler
    Playing games you can't win
    Extinguish the fire
    Been blinded by the flame
    But there's no more desire
    Don't want to feel your pain

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