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    [Music: Axel Rudi Pell]
    [Lyrics: Axel Rudi Pell]

    A long time ago when we felt the fire,
    and it all seemed alright,
    but times have changed your love is strange,
    there's no luck in sight

    Don't want us to lose,
    but you're tearin' at my heart,
    so confused,
    you're tearin' us apart, you're tearin' us apart

    She pulled the trigger
    she was cold as ice,
    she pulled the trigger,
    so cold
    She pulled the trigger
    she was cold as ice
    she pulled the trigger
    so cold - as ice

    She damaged my brain, she's broken the chain,
    I can't find a reason,
    I wasted my time, can't get cha out of my mind,
    our love's out of season

    [Repeat Bridge]
    [Repeat Chorus]
    [Repeat Bridge]
    [Repeat Chorus]

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