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    [Music: Pell / Lyrics: Soto]

    Bounded by the middle of a dream,
    Is it real or just a nightmare?
    Lost behind the shadow of the night,
    Revelation of a new world, I'll take
    You there.
    Try to fight the walls from closin' in,
    You can sense the reaper callin'.
    Don't close your eyes or you'll be
    Next in line,
    Nowhere to go when you're fallin'.
    Your times' comin' near,
    There's nothing to fear.
    Between the walls, between the
    In the line of fire, between the walls,
    Takes you down to the wire.
    Losing ground of life and fantasy
    With no footsteps to follow.
    The light above might be the only
    'cause darkness only brings you
    [Repeat brige]
    [Repeat chorus]

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