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    Under the wings of synthetic nightmares
    Ravens uncloaked madness upon crimsoned shores
    A malicious seduction entangles the womb-withdrawned
    As he divulged Pandaemonium in deranging tongues

    Daylight will drown in shadows of eve
    Lands atrociously plundered, suffused, besieged
    A last cast to be shed on Atlantis' pale crystal flesh
    Spat upon the raging tyrant in th emidnight grotesque

    ! The doors to her splendor spread their limbs
    The massmessiah draws fires from ruptures aloft
    Sweeping light away-into the scythed abyss
    Obeseing heavens-torment the unlit nebulae

    Silence fell in an overwhelming heathen urge
    Seething shadows creep towards the verge

    Sepulcure lights were smothered
    Skies' last eyelets latticed
    All eyes looked to the waters
    Ablazen with fire
    Infernal merlons rose
    Riven from Poseydon's tainted
    Tongue luting, fear-laden
    Veins with nighest death
    Clashing all hope to certain stain

    Annihilate, desintegrate, rape the lands to a tattered fate
    Deprivate, deteriorate, the pride of Atlantis is stained
    Hissing commandments, armageddon enraptured forth
    As the screaming gyres grew to succumb

    Daylight is drowning in shadows of eve
    Lands are atrociously plundered, suffused, besieged
    A last cast is shed on Atlantis' pale crystal flesh
    The tyrant stands tall in the midnight grotesque

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