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    And thus the world begins with another tale
    The all is creating and dominating
    In the intangible vastness of space
    Under the reign of Father Time
    Wind - Raged storms
    Fire - Scorched life
    Redeem the martyr into existence
    Earth - Holy ground
    Water - source of all
    Order and chaos come by
    O Mater Matrum, minimus sum
    Mother Nature under your power
    O Pater Patrum, minimus sum
    Father time in your era
    In all of this man is just a sigh
    From dawn of men we try to survive
    Four forces of nature to dominate
    With dispassionate beliefs we crucify
    Feel the falling of her dying tears
    Hear her calling on the winter night's breeze
    Fear the crawling of her ghosts within
    Crave for her, deliverer of life

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