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    Glinting around the wings,
    A vitreous gleam of the eyes
    Entangles the fleshly garment
    In the midnight burlesque
    Thickening to visible mist
    Earthbound spirits are shown
    With elongated limbs ending in vicious claws
    For they lie there in the darkness
    The chosen tempters of mortal minds
    Guiding chariots to a new pandemonium
    Are adorned with powers of the night hag
    A paragon of vices, lycanthropic skulkers,
    Effeminate wraiths, children of celestials
    Sorrow sings a passage from the curse of the thorn
    Into the nightfall of the elder storm
    Within the prophecy where time stands still
    It's dead melancholy when a wolf howls alone
    Star child demons gaze upon the stars
    Orbital bonfires enlighten the night
    In a time of no shadows
    A swift exodus scours the earth
    Laying waste on our proud lands
    Our ghost within is lost
    An abomination made fierce
    A vigil embedded in evil

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