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    Starlit hidden eyes by blood and hair
    Her head encircled by a dark aureole
    Wildflowers entwined in her flesh
    A raven's paramour brought to disgrace
    Beauty of darkness
    Mirrored in the lake
    Innocence awaits
    On your redeemers throne
    In the midst of her raptures
    All the ills that flesh is heir to
    Are withholding our dreams
    And wake her dormant heart
    Nocturnal beauty
    Tempered in all its supremacy
    Nighttime water eyes yeal
    For an immortal kiss
    Just to be for once caressed
    By demon wings
    We are the ruins of a dream
    The misery we have become
    A marbleise icon made ethereal
    Romance rusts in a sea of tranquillity
    The night is swathed by her call
    Our memories are enmeshed in her toil
    An everlasting Odyssey forsaken
    An ecstatic blood thirst gratified
    Souls are estranging to a haven
    A legacy embodied invisible
    In the endeavourment of the night
    Empowered in infancy so egregious

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