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    Perpetual twilight, salacious Nemesis,
    A star born in darkness, a jewel drowned in sunset,
    A waterfall of echoing voices
    Awake our maenad sleep
    The wail of battle, the language of all ancestors
    Forged in a burning skeleton embrace
    Thrives on the fumes of evaporated life-essences
    And will soon flow from the past to the future
    We shall not let you see the tears we bleed
    The pernicious blood we drink
    The dark face of the night we need
    The cruel vanity in which we sleep
    For when the transcendental chanting began
    The runes on our swords spoke in tongues
    A throbbing rhythm crawled through our veins
    Our minds filled with fire, our thoughts bathed in blood
    We are the ones who were not be given life
    Rough signs of a holy avenger in us
    The deep night's gift, a celestial fury
    Possessed by an unearthly force
    A God's breath is now what we breathe.
    We are the beyonders
    You shall see the spirit we freed
    The sacred life we live
    The dark face of the night you need
    The cruel vanity from which you feed
    We are the beyonders
    On a warriors path
    We are the beyonders

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