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    I opened my eyes and again there was nothing to fill this void

    Whichever path I travelled
    It lay distant in oblivion
    Fled out of whispering winds
    To where voices slay
    A cobweb of jagged sulfur
    Envenomed my benumbed senses
    Fled into shimmering doubts
    Where sanity is slain

    The lights from the bridge they bleed
    Creating crimson streams beneath Thames' cold gaze
    Enslaving demons shelter within me
    Staring at the depth I see
    Shapeshifting images of me
    Forever these demons shelter within me

    Struck by horror, realed with wonder
    A face was spun in moonlit mirrors
    Swept in fractures, pain inflicted
    A crepuscular eve in torment mended
    Reflections drowned in mirrors
    Memo! ries now mere burdens
    Timespawned for a new purpose

    Besieged from lurking desires in mind
    Psychomaniacal attraction inside
    The "I" identity no longer alone
    The sense of time forgotten - forlorn

    As fate lay dying aghast
    A deadbolt to insanity - I slip away.
    From these demons who shelter within me.
    Fingers now clung mists asunder.
    Loathsome winds whispered unleash the fear.
    From these demons who shelter within me.
    Staring at the depth I see.
    Shapeshifting images unleash the fear.

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