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    Just yesterday you slipped
    away from me
    without so much
    as one word of good-bye
    You packed the sunshine
    in your big old suitcase
    Now only the rain fills the sky

    You were mine
    but suddenly it's changed
    Wish that I... could find a way
    to stop the rain

    I thought that everything
    was going fine
    But I was blind
    blind as a man could be
    I took for granted
    what you tried hard to give
    And now the rain
    is all I can see

    You were mine -
    but that was yesterday
    Wish that I... could find a way
    to stop the rain

    Now tell me please
    do you understand
    what this feeling
    is all about
    'Cos when you left me
    you took my heart -
    squeezed the sunshine out

    But in time
    this heart of mine will heal
    the Sun will shine
    and I can find a way to stop the rain

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