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    Reach on out and touch me
    Give me thrills like I never had
    Reach on out and touch me
    You got something that is driving me mad

    My head is reeling
    Nobody ever had me feeling this way


    Reach on out and touch me
    Well I'm having a bad time waiting for your love
    Reach on out and touch me
    Keep it movin' 'til I tell ya I've had enough

    So come on keep it rising
    The feeling is suprising to know (woa - oh - yeah)

    You can take it all
    Take it any way you like (ooh yeah)
    I said you can take it all
    When you give it back sure gonna do it right (yeah yeah)

    (Ooh that's what I'm talking about ooh hoo)

    (ooh ooh ooh)
    Reach on out and touch me baby
    This is what I wanted to know (yeah)
    Reach out over here and thrill me with your love
    ''cause I ain't never had it this way before

    Now you can feel it coming on
    Just shake it one more time and I'll be gone

    (whoa ho ho)
    Reach out  to--uch me
    You better reach out (out,  ooh baby touch me)


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